Should I go with Charcoal Or Gas Grill?

For some reasons on these couple weeks I keep busy on choosing the right grill for my small party. I have to say that we really love on doing small barbecue party at our garden every month. We love to see our family gathering together and its becoming a pretty fun thing to do. Last month, I did not really notice that my grill is broken and I have to pick a new one so I could do the same thing on this month. For you seems to wonder which one is better. I have some tips to show you which one is better for your needs.

Gas Grill

Let’s start with gas grill here; there are some advantages and disadvantages that you are going to find here. First, Its pretty easy to setup and prepare since you don’t have to wait for the coals to be heat enough. You just need to turn it on and it would be ready to use. The second, this thing is easy to work with so it would be really good for novice or beginner. The third, its pretty usable for everyday food such as burger and hot dogs.

Beside of those great things gas grill also has some disadvantages. First thing that I don’t really like is the taste. It doesn’t too smokey and it is not too suitable for grilling larger meat at the same time. For this case, you also need to be extra careful with the gas tank since it’s so vulnerable to fire. Use it carefully and you are going to safe.

Charcoal Grill

There are few things that I love from it. First the product is very cheap right now and sometimes could save our money better than using gas one. The coal itself is giving another unique taste to our meat and I really enjoy it. There are also more ways on cooking of your favorite food and it would be a great start for professional usage.

Now I am going to show you some of its disadvantages. At first, the preparing time is bit longer to do and you have to wait like 30 minutes for it’s to be prepared. The key here is patient. The second problem that most people having is controlling the temperature. Sometimes the temperature can go very hot and it’s harder to be control. It needs time to get used with this product, but many professional prefer to use this.