Advantages Of Using Offset Smoker

Having an offset smoker is really giving me so many benefits. There are so many great things that you could here, but you cannot do on using of other smokers such as electrical or propane smoker. All of them are having their own advantages, but that is not what I am going to talk about here. I am going to talk about some advantages of using offset smoker that many people should know. This case would proof you that having an offset smoker is not just because of the look, but also the functionality.

There are so many people seem to be worry on buying this thing for some reason. The number one problem might be because of the price which is higher than other smokers in comparison. There is no product for under 200 dollars for this case and it is tough for some people. I believe that considering the money for a product is really have to do, but considering the usability and great functionality of it also need to be considered. If you are still not able to make your mind on choosing this smoker and why not seeing this article and see if you are interested to buy one. Let’s find out.

Easier To Stock Your Woods

There are so many machines that would not let you on adding some wood chip during the process without opening it. Some people say that is not a bad idea, but for me it is. Opening a cook chamber means you would let out the heat go out. Later, you are going to find that your machine is losing of its heat. At the end, you have to maintain the heat again in order to fix the temperature. That case is not only wasting your time, but also able to break of your food taste, great food should be maintained on the right temperature for all of time. It means that the temperature could not go higher or even lower during the process. Think of where you could add some chips or logs during the process without opening it is such a nice idea.

Direct Grilling

Do not bother yourself of buying a new one since your machine not let you to grill of your meat. There are so many products including the expensive one will net let the user to directly grilling on their machine. It must be tough because we already spend so much our money on it and we cannot do it there. Grilling and smoking are two different processes. There is having their own uniqueness and result a different taste. My old smoker grill is not able to do it and that is why I stick with the offset smoker to do this case. Here on the offset smoker, you can just do the direct grilling by using a grill grate on the top of it. Many machines are coming with its own custom grilling grate or if the one is not included this thing, then you just have to buy the extra one which is not expensive to afford.

Large Space

You would never know how fun it is to cook the whole turkey at the one place. In the past, I always cut it into half in order to fit. Now I do not need to do it again since I could fit it easily and even for the larger one. Space is always becoming such a frustrating problem on this machine. Many machines are coming with limited spaces and it is pretty tough to cook all of foods together. Cooking the food at the same time would not only save for money since we need to provide the fuel, but it also able to cut the time on cooking it. Imagine where you just cook your food at your party without having a free time to talk to each other. Offset smoker is could be your best solution for this case, you might not going to make a big party every time, but of course you want to cook some huge amount of food and that is not possible on normal smoker.

Much Simpler To Be Fixed

Having an electrical machine could give us some benefits and problem. I used to have the electrical smoker and I need to change the component every year because it is easily get burned. This is not happening all of the time, but the amount of money that you have to spend on maintaining and taking care of it is greater than what you expect. You do not have to think it much if you are using this smoker. There is no burned component that you have to repair. All of the components are easy to find and you can just simply change it.

More Customization

This is the best thing that you would get from this product. There are so many companies are providing new accessories that would let you on doing new thing for it. For example, if you want to grill of your meat and then you just have to add the grill grate. It is much simpler to do since you do not need to spend more of your money to buy new machine for just one feature. I am sure that you want more features on your product and that is why you are going to get from this one.


I have showed you some great advantages of using offset smoker and there is no reason to not buy it anymore if you love grilling or smoking. You could find that there are so many advantages that you would get from it. Cooking your food would taking so much benefit because of it. You might need to spend much at first to buy the machine, but everything is going to be pay when you are using it. I am pretty sure you are going to love it. At last, you could just leave any comment if you have more questions about it.